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    Can NOT Get Authentication Fails Execption!

    When we use MFDataArea.read method to read a data block.
    We specify a MFKey as a parameter to authenticate a Mifare card.

    If the Mifare card' key which we read, is 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF...
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    Re: How to secure a Mifare key in a midlet?

    When we use a RC531 Mifare reader.
    The reader's API often offer some commands that can load a key into RC531's key memory.
    The key memory is non-readable, non-volatile, and it only work for card...
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    Re: How to secure a Mifare key in a midlet?

    Neither option #3 nor encrypted a key in midlet is secure.
    Because midlets in a cell phone are easy to be copied and be decompiled.
    Hackers can [easy] clone the way to get the key.

    Dose Nokia...
  4. Re: problem with secure element of Nokia 6131 NFC

    Please use Nokia NFC Unlock Service MIDlet to nulock you secure element. then, you can install you applet using keyset version 42 with the ENC, MAC, and KEK keys having the value...
  5. Re: Mifare Key A and B of tags delivered with 6212

    Hi! Omaye~

    Please check http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Nokia_6131_NFC_-_FAQs

    What are the keys used with the Mifare NDEFTagConnection?

    There are essentially 2 keys used for reading...
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    How to secure a Mifare key in a midlet?

    Dear All

    We try to use a midlet to read external Mifare tag.
    We use the interface MFDataArea's read method to read block data.
    When we use the method, it's need a key parameter.
    The key...
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