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  1. Re: I want to write a program to transfer data to a computer?

    No Bluetooth APIs available form Mango or WP7, nor with managed code neither with Hybrid applications, you probably have to wait for the next version of Windows Phone.

    Anyway, you can transfer...
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    Re: how to capture screen on windows phone

    Erm,... I supossing that you want to capture the screen from the codebehind, don't you? Because if the topic is:
    "how to capture screen on windows phone" you can use the additional tools of the...
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    Re: Registering at App Hub

    Do you have access to your Dashboard, there you can change your Bill Details, if not, you can go directly to https://billing.microsoft.com/home.aspx and change there your credit card number or...
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    Re: Access sms and call history from WP7?

    In Windows Phone Mango (not in 7.0 version) you can access to your contacts details and appointments in your calendar (all of them), only in read only mode but you can store them in your application...
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