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  1. Re: Unlock MIDlet: Incorrect SSL server certificate


    I am working on Nokia 6212. I have a SIM Card and the unlock midlet.
    Unfortunately, I have the incorrect SSL server certificate when I am unlocking the secure element.

    I have old...
  2. Re: Nokia 6212 - JSR177 & JSR257 access to smart cards


    Are you able to use ISO14443 connection with the NOKIA 6212 ?
    I can't import it .

  3. Re: 6212 devices - access to external secure element

    Hi le sage,

    Can you tell me how to use ISO14443Connection on a Nokia 6212 ?
    In fact, I can't import the contactless package :

    import javax.microedition.contactless.sc.ISO14443Connection;...
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    Re: Java Card Applet and Nokia 6131 Emulator


    I am a student. I am working on the same project than you. In fact, I have a javacard (on a JCOPCard) and a Samsung Galaxy used as a terminal. I want to do EMV transaction and also use the...
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