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  1. Sticky: Re: New beginnings for classic Nokia phone developers

    Latest (and the most complete) info package for the migration seems to be here:

    Has anybody...
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    Re: Back Key doesn't work as expected

    As an user, entering text with backspace button not working (but still visible on the virtual keyboard) sounds confusing. However, if you have an use case where this is really necessary, I'd go with...
  3. Re: App crashes after answering an incoming call and Game sound is still playing

    The activity you posted seems to be just a simple menu that starts other activities, so you don't probably need onPause or onResume there at all. The issue is more likely with the activity that...
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    Re: Store client issue on Asha 501

    I'm in Finland now (with the same phone), and still seeing the problem. So, it appears that this is not Thailand or SE Asia specific and should be easy to reproduce.
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    Re: Nokia store spam

    I also dislike the flood of types of apps linked and mentioned in this thread, but rules should be same for all and enforced on per-application basis. It's not fair to retroactively take down, let's...
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    Styling ListBox items with hardcoded data


    I'd like to create several similar-looking ListBoxes as pages of a Pivot. The content of all the lists is predefined and doesn't change, and all the items of every list look the same, each...
  7. Re: My jar size is large. Will it affect publishing of my app?

    Would probably be better to stay within the official JAR size limit of the devices/platforms, at least if you plan to publish your app on Nokia Store. It's possible that QA enforces the size limit...
  8. Re: Reviews since July 14th not shown in Nokia Store?

    Reviews are working correctly now.
  9. Re: Symbian Signed program will close on January 1, 2014

    Any more details on the Symbian Signed program closing, do you just stop the signing service or will the whole symbiansigned.com site be taken down? If so, will somebody else (Nokia Developer?)...
  10. Re: Generating self signed certificate in Windows Phone 8

    As X509Certificate2 is not available, have you checked whether you can access the private key of the certificate using a 3rd party library?

    Someone recommended Bouncy Castle earlier in this...
  11. Re: Questionnaire about RDA devices / firmware versions

    Sorry for slow response. S60 6th edition was a typo, meant S40 6th edition (non-fp) device. Also, for S40 DP 1.0, any device will do.

    In order to publish to Nokia Store, an app needs to be marked...
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    Re: [moved] Image meta data for Asha 501


    Alpha channel can be used to make parts of PNG images transparent or semi-transparent. However, many editing tools seem to save alpha channel in PNGs by default, even if the image does not...
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    Re: creating and using ccamera

    Having read all the threads, some comments:

    The viewfinder bitmaps you get may not be the size you requested from StartViewFinderBitmapsL. I have written a couple of apps that use viewfinder...
  14. Re: Testing an app with clicks on ads but no € is added


    Check the Analytics tab for the a day/period that you clicked an ad. It should show the clicks as green vertical lines and the revenue from the clicks (in the same column) with a purpleish...
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    Re: What's up with NAX (Nokia Ad Exchange)?

    Are you getting the ad requests from everywhere in the world or just a few countries? Fill rate seems to vary a lot by country - for some countries, my apps have had fill rate of 100% during the last...
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    Re: Reporting bugs

    Thanks for the info. However, you'll have to admit that to someone who doesn't know this, it looks like nothing happens with the reported bugs. It would make things more clear if a comment could be...
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    Re: What's up with NAX (Nokia Ad Exchange)?

    Any progress with this, are you still seeing zero impressions? At least for the few ad-supported apps I've made, there wasn't any kind of approval process. The Inneractive server started returning...
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    Multiple JARs for one content item


    An application of mine failed QA some time ago for Asha Platform 1.0 devices, because it had exit item in the options menu. Today I decided to fix this, and upload (as a separate file) an...
  19. Re: To all Singapore and Malaysian Developers - new competitions

    Are the challenges only for developers from Malaysia and Singapore? There's no mention about this on the websites (as far as I can see), and the registration forms allow you to select your country...
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    Re: [moved] Is Kxml parser a slow parser?

    It's easy to check whether the KXML parser is the culprit. Just remove everything from your loop except end document handling:

    while (!xmlParsingDone)

    event = parser.read();

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    Re: Asha 311 issue with Graphics.copyArea?

    Actually, wizard_hu_ did (although the words were in different order and he used vs. as an abbreviation for versus) - I was replying to him:

    Did it just now, in the Developer Nokia...
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    Re: Exit application on Asha Platform 1.0

    An update after having a few applications published for the 501 - having exit in the menu seems to be the only unusual thing that fails QA:

    - Physical back button handling for full screen canvas...
  23. Re: Http Post, can't upload an image to Imgur service.

    Instead of scaling, I was thinking about simply requesting a lower resolution image (640x480 or 320x240?) from the camera. But in any case, encoding the image straight to the output stream probably...
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    Re: Asha 311 issue with Graphics.copyArea?

    Thanks everybody for all the comments and suggestions!

    Like I said, the original CrashMidlet (in the original post, now removed) with 10 milliseconds sleep was crashing consistenly on several RDA...
  25. Re: what is the software used to create the UML in nokia Library?

    Rational Rose?
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