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  1. Re: Iam working for a Live Tv and VOD application for windows phone

    If you have the language of the channels already, you can simply filter them when building the list using the selected language.
    Like the pseudo code
  2. Sticky: Re: Congratulations Neil Bhasme, Discussion Board Poster of the Month for August 2014

    Congratulations Neil :)
  3. Sticky: Re: Congratulations Sara Silva, Wiki Contributor of the Month for August 2014

    Congratulations :)
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    Re: Device Access Service contact ID

    If you mean RDA, it is gone for almost a month by now: http://developer.nokia.com/resources/remote-device-access
  5. Re: Error: The resource "phoneSettings could not be resolved"

    You may want to look into error 1 (and 4) first. If the compiler thinks there are multiple Application.Resource elements, it may be right. If that is the case, further parts of the XML may not get...
  6. Re: Iam new to json parsing for windows phone application. I want to parse the url

    For the previous message flow: I would suggest refraining from sending new posts also as private messages. It makes no sense as vineet.jain and me regularly visit these boards and certainly find the...
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    Re: misaligned images after pinch (shrinking)

    I am not sure what is saved and restored here, but note that shrinking an image around some fixed point also modifies the position of the image, so make sure that it is saved and restored too. If the...
  8. Re: A first chance exception of type 'System.UriFormatException' occurred in System.n

    Do you need a ban SKUMAR?
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    Re: Serialize data to CSV format

    I like for sure the demonstration of a custom attribute.
    I disagree with the explanation though. You can really say that CSV is widely supported as being around for a long time, and it is rather...
  10. Re: Series 40 6th Edition SDK Emulator NOT WORKING WITH LWUIT

    Libraries packed into any platform SDK are not expected to work on older platforms. Get something from https://github.com/nokia-developer/lwuit-for-series-40.
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    Re: App getting slow on nokia asha 501 series

    It can be a large number of things, ranging from memory management (garbage collector), actual network traffic (maybe the connection is slow in general, maybe the web service is overloaded...
  12. Re: Series 40 6th Edition SDK Emulator NOT WORKING WITH LWUIT

    Which LWUIT version have you downloaded, from where?
  13. Re: Erroe GetResponse' is not a member of 'System.Net.HttpWebRequest'

    According to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24321966/system-net-httpwebrequest-does-not-contain-a-definition-for-getresponse, you may have to re-design the code in an asynchronous way, using...
  14. Re: Is it possible to recover videos from formatted Nokia phone?

    Neil, that edit :)
  15. Re: [Moved]Windows Phone SaveAppointmentTask and Json Parsing

    Do you see it in the debugger (so the foreach loop executes only once)?
  16. Re: Windows Phone Lumia 920 8.1 Update - Not found ??

    As and end-user, you can simply wait. Rolling out of the update is a process, it is just happening over time. I got a Nokia Lumia 1020 updated just yesterday. You can also look around on the...
  17. Re: Problem with the built-in web browser and secure connection (https) pages

    It is a twofold thing. Current devices use more recent implementation of the encryption libraries, especially if they still get firmware updates (according to Wikipedia, the Nokia N86 has its latest...
  18. Re: Urgent Need For Paradigm Shift in Nokia Development of Product Families --

    Doings of Evil, Undead Motorola, indeed. Make sure that you are aware of that Motorola was acquired by Google 2.5 years ago, and some remains of it were passed to Lenovo in January, this year.
  19. Re: Receiving SMS from mobile to PC with USB CABLE

    Honestly said, Nokia (and now Microsoft) does not manufacture too many Samsung Galaxy devices. You may want to have a look at the XDA forums.
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    Re: [moved] Smooth move of Image on the page

    Instead of the Margin magic, you can use the RenderTransform property. Setting it to TranslateTransform will cause translation.
    For the timer part I have no idea. Search attempts indicate that...
  21. Re: Problem with the built-in web browser and secure connection (https) pages

    Hi, assuming that you ask about the Nokia E52 (at least that was you asking about in http://developer.nokia.com/community/discussion/showthread.php/239696-Web-browser-7-3-x-xx-mager-bugs last year),...
  22. Re: Receiving SMS from mobile to PC with USB CABLE

    Sockets unlikely help here. So far Petrib (and me too) interpreted your question as you wanted to use a given/chosen phone as a GSM modem for receiving messages. That is sometimes possible, even...
  23. Re: What is the correct SDK for the Nokia Asha 201?

    Hoolean wants to develop for his/her/anyone else's Nokia Asha 201.
  24. Re: I have succesfully parse the xml url and able to show the channel images in the l

    Yes, a search for System.Windows.Controls.ListBox with Bing/Google will quickly show it really has no GetItems method. It may have something without "get" though, feel free to check.
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    Re: In App purchase.

    Given that Asha/Series 40 IAP development will become obsoleted in 7 months, providing the list of prayers for integration probably will not be necessary. But thanks, anyway.
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