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  1. Re: Deployment from NetBeans to Asha 501 not supported ?

    I found on device debugging lot more difficult using the Asha SDK and Eclipse. However I was thinking that this may be the issue with the netbeans or due the connection with the USB.
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    Re: How to sing an app to manufecturer domain?

    If this is the interactive application with the server then you can even generate that unique number (approx 16 digit or more) at the server side and then can cache the same. Now you can use that...
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    Re: Inbox password protect for Nokia C1 01

    Hey welcome to the Nokia developer discussion board !!

    1. Better you trust your search and filter out the Nokia Ovi Store.

    2. Using J2ME you can neither read the SMS from the native Inbox of...
  4. Re: Deployment from NetBeans to Asha 501 not supported ?

    Dear oniongarlic,

    Can you try the Eclipse which comes and get installed with the SDK itself and if you are able to do the same. I am sure that should work.
  5. Re: List.TEXT_WRAP_ON not working for Asha SDK 1.1 ?

    Dear Barros,

    I would recommend you to just have a look on the Asha SDK version 2.0 and check if this works.
    Have you just test this on the real device too?
  6. Re: Congratulations Verdavaine Yan, Poster of the Month for November 2013

    Congrats :)
  7. Re: Disabling cache or temporay stortage during HTTP request.

    1. For the client side caching, you are the one who will be doing this all stuff, don't do this and you are good to go.
    2. For the server side caching that should be so simple, if you (or your...
  8. Re: rms currepted on emulator but not on device dubugging

    It would be better to help us to get the error/exception trace you might be getting?
  9. Thread: push registry

    by raj_J2ME

    Re: push registry

    As that is using the third party GUI development library called as LWUIT, you may want to know more about the same here . You have to download the lib and then fix the imports. But before that check...
  10. Re: How to use the iconography template to produce a 256*256 icon?

    Hi arun,

    Right now you are using the icon from the template, however when you are going to upload your app on ovi store, which must have to used the screen shot of the app as the preview. This can...
  11. Re: Congratulations to Paulo Morgado, August 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Hey congrats :)
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    Re: XMPP Client Lib

    For the Java based platforms I have used the E-jabbered library for this and found quite robust. Being written a long time ago this is a quite helpful and used by the good IM services providers like...
  13. Re: Displaying a login screen the first time an app runs (but not subsequent times)

    That good actually, however I have seen some wrong implementations in this kind of requirements, note that once you have successfully done with the first (Login) request and you have received the...
  14. Re: Congratulations to Vaishali Rawat, January 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congrats :)
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    Re: LWUIT supported on Nokia 700?

    LWUIT is supported by all the phone of MIDP 2.0 and later. So there should not be any issues with the app you developed.
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    Re: Congratulations to Somnathbanik

    Congrats somnathbanik, for this great achievement.
  17. Re: Congratulations to Sebastiano Galazzo, April 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    Congrats :)
  18. Re: Is there any API in s40 to make silent http requests without the IAP prompt??

    Yeah that's correct...
  19. Re: httpconnection and SMS messageconnection (J2ME)

    Welcome to the Nokia Developer Boards !!

    We can not assume that you closed and reset everything in the code perfectly fine. Other part is that you should not do any operation inside the MIDlet...
  20. Re: A J2ME app not working on N73 and C6 specifically

    As Bala mentioned it very clearly that the java apps are not required signed to get installed on the Nokia devices.

    You must be calling the platformRequest(String URL) on some command action or...
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    Re: Multithreading issue in 60 series mobiles

    new Thread(new Runnable()
    public void run()
    } catch(IOException e) {}
  22. Re: cancelInquiry hangs on S40 if called from synchronized block

    Just a quick guess as per your need, try to do this operation inside the different thread, and make sure that you are handling the inquiry in some other thread. Then probably this will be simple the...
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    Re: [Moved] J2me facebook issue

    You can try to hit the same URL over the device browser or even in the PC browser to make confirm that the logging in is working though, and to make confirm that there is not issues with the URL.
  24. Re: Congratulations to Balagopalks March Poster of the Month

    Congrats Bala,

    It was my wish too to see you as a POM, in addition to the NDC and after a long time it turned to the reality....big congratulation to you..and many more to come....
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    Re: http connections in j2me

    Also you can try hitting the URL from your PC's browser and check whether the XML was displayed properly in it.
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