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  1. Re: Undefined Reference of function

    Thank you for reply Sir,

    I have the source code. Can you tell me how to add these files in teh project
  2. Re: UI issue in E71,E90 and N95

    Thanks for reply yucca,

    I think orientation is correct.

    regsitering,registered,readytocall all these note overlap So Not clear what is written

  3. UI issue in E71,E90 and N95

    Hello Sir,

    I am working on the VOIP Application of Symbian Mobile. When I try to run this Application on E72 The application working fine and UI is proper.

    But When I try to run the applicaion...
  4. issue regarding disruption to voice calls

    Hello Sir,

    I have submit my Symbain Voip application for test but application fails due to issue define below :

    "If the user (Phone A) makes or receives a GSM call (Phone C) while the...
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