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  1. Yes we want to implement something like CTP. It...

    Yes we want to implement something like CTP. It should have been pretty straight forward had symbian supported audio in duplex mode. They already support handsfree and headset profiles so their must...
  2. mplementation of Handsfree and Headset profiles

    We are in the process of impelmenting barebones cordless telephony on Series 60 phones. We have following to resolve before we can move any forward.
    Is TCS-BIN implemented in Symbian?...
  3. Support for audio in duplex mode in Series 60 phones

    We are in the process of implementing CTP profile for Series 60 phones. Two crucial pieces that I feel are required to implement this are support for audio in duplex mode and...
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    XHTML support in 7650 browser

    I am trying to open a XHTML document stored locally on the device. The same document opens correctly on 3650 but not on 7650. On 7650 it opens the notepad and displays the source instead of the...
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    esock panic 17

    Hello Everybody:
    I am getting esock panic 17 occasionaly on a client server application that I run on 9200 emulator. It happens only after the application has remained idle for a while. The sdk help...
  6. Can 7650 emulator connect to LAN vian NT RAS null modem setup?

    Is 7650 emulator capable of connecting to LAN via NT RAS null modem setup? If yes, then how? What are the steps/tools required to achieve this?
    I have (like many others who have done...
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    RE: Images from socket-connection

    Yes, it is very much possible. I have a similar application that I had developed for 9210. But I am yet to find a way make connection via NT RAS with 7650 emulator. Have you been able to do...
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    Recording on Emulator????

    Hello All,
    I am trying to run sound sample from NokiaEx directory on the Nokia 7650 emulator. All other features work fine but the recorder does not. Can anybody help me resolve this? I am unable to...
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