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    Re: "Cannot start ECMT Manager"

    You do not need to install jre 1.4.2. You can even work with the latest java installation 6.0. However, you need to modify config.properties file for the series 60 installation. Open the file...
  2. Hi, You correct in your observation. However,...

    You correct in your observation. However, there is not a single phone which is of class A category. This is because of the fact that it requires lot of CPU power to support this functionality....
  3. UMTS is another access technology which supports...

    UMTS is another access technology which supports higher data rate on the data channel. As long as the voice is carried over a separate channel than data channel, you can not acquire two radio...
  4. Hi, It has nothing to do with symbian or for...

    It has nothing to do with symbian or for that matter any handset. Today's technologies (GSM, CDMA) do not support simultaneous allocation of data and voice channels.

    In future, when voice is...
  5. Nokia HTTP Example Client Problem - Revisited

    I am trying this example on Nokia 6600.
    My steps are
    1) I have configured the handset from Menu-> Tools-> Settings-> Connection-> Access points. I have provided all the details of proxy and...
  6. Series 60 - Power button, and starting process in background

    I have following questions
    1. The power on/off button in series 60 emulator is not enabled. Is it possible to enable this button and get the events form this button in an application?

    2. Can...
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    SIP Plug-in Installation Problem

    I have installed Series 60 SDK 2.1 for CodeWarrior on Windows XP platform. I want to use SIP plug-in on this platform and was trying to install SIP plug-in (Series_60_SIP_Plug-in_1_0_cw) for...
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