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    In-app purchases through Linxter

    I'm currently working on an app for iOS and Android that requires in-app purchases. It's not practical for me to use another model as it would require releasing (potentially) dozens of separate apps....
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    QA Failure questions.

    I just submitted my first app and it got approved for most of the devices, but failed for a few others with some issues. One of the issues was that they JAR file was too big for a few devices. This...
  3. Is X3-02 the only emulator for Series 40 development?

    I've installed the SDK and it comes with an emulator for the X3-02, however I would like to be able to quickly test my apps on devices with resolutions other than 240x320. Especially devices with...
  4. Some questions from a new publisher

    I have apps on iPhone, Android, and WebOS platforms but I am new to the feature phone world and all of the many different devices that apps much play nice with. I am porting my first app over to j2me...
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