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  1. Obid Classic Pro Reader and which NFC phone?

    I have Obid Classic Pro ID CPR40.30-usb nfc reader. I will buy a phone and create an application about mobile payment. I don't know which phone should i buy. Are there anyone who knows this reader?...
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    Crypto Processing Error( DESfire tags)

    Hello everyone!

    My project is creating a mobile payment application with NFC.We bought a reader (Obid Classic-pro(HF) ID Cpr40.30-usb) and Mifare tags. I am using Mifare DESFire because i think it...
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    nfc with 6212 sdk

    hi everyone
    i am new here. i have a project about nfc applications. i downloaded 6212 sdk and netbeans. i think these are all i need for the present. i have tried to understand sample codes etc. But...
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