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    Remote configuration of Internet settings

    Can Internet settings for the Nokia 9210 Communicator be configured remotely?
  2. Can the Nokia 9210 Communicator be used as a modem with PC?

    Can the Nokia 9210 Communicator be used as a modem with PC?
  3. IMAP APPEND command in the e-mail application

    Is IMAP APPEND command supported in the e-mail application of the Nokia 9210 Communicator?
  4. MIME1 and MIME2 support in Nokia 9210 Communicator

    Does the e-mail client of Nokia 9210 Communicator support both MIME1 (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, part one) and MIME2 (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, part two) types?
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    Does the 9210 support GPRS?

    Does the Nokia 9210 Communicator support "always online" feature, in other words is it an GPRS (Genaral Packet Radio Service) product?
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    Sockets Client API in Nokia 9210 C++ SDK

    What does the Sockets Client API provide?
  7. Opening the Nokia 9210 Communicator web browser from SMS

    Can received SMS's contain clickable URL's that can connect the web browser to the contained URL?
  8. Initiating a phone call from the Nokia 9210 Communicator web browser

    Can I initiate voice calls from web pages (eg: <a href="tel:1234567">Call Us Now!</a>)
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    Creating a CBA

    How can I take Command Button Area (CBA) to use in my application?
  10. CCknVerticalTextAndIconList Box in a dialog

    How can I place a CCknVerticalTextAndIconListBox into a dialog?
  11. Problems in activating and hiding editor cursors

    I have created a custom control. In the control I have problems with cursor. When moving focus to the control I do not get cursor visible. And if the cursor is visible when launching menu, the it...
  12. Communications between EPOC and SIM Toolkit applications

    Is there a way to access SIM Toolkit applications from EPOC applications?
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    Implementing HTTP-based interaction

    Are there any tools or parsers for automatizing HTTP interaction in the Nokia 9210 SDK?
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    Converting a #define to HBufC

    How can I convert a #define value to a HBufC?
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    String to integer conversion

    How can I convert a string to integer in EPOC C++? In other words, what method in EPOC is equivalent to ANSI C++ atoi function?
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    ESOCK panic 14

    I wrote TCP/ IP engine using Active objects in a similar way as it was done in SDK example Echo Engine. Now, sometimes when using WriteSocket I get ""ESOCK Panic 14"". What can be the reason for...
  17. Can the 9210 ringtone/volume control in profiles be used by others?

    Can I access the ringtone / volume control settings from a profile?
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    Converting TPtr16 to TDesC8

    How do I convert a TPtr16 to a TDesC8?
  19. Creating a directory if it does not exsist yet

    I want to check if a directory exsists, if it does not I want to create it. How do a do this?
  20. Using CEikTelephoneNumberEditor to query telephone numbers

    How can I easily query the user for a telephone number?
  21. Is ExecuteLD() method of a dialog leave-safe?

    Should a dialog be put onto the CleanupStack before calling ExecuteLD, since surely ExecuteLD must be performing leaving operations before it deletes the dialog?
  22. How to convert TText* to descriptor which can be used in gc.DrawText()

    How does one convert TText* to descriptor which can be used in gc.DrawText()?
  23. Can TKey derived classes be used with dynamic arrays ?

    Can TKey derived classes be used with dynamic arrays ? For example to sort the array?
  24. xyz.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __chkstk

    What is behind this error code:

    xyz.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __chkstk
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    Dialog button

    How do I make a DLG_BUTTON in a dialog the one which catches the "Enter" keypress (and which will be underlined)?
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