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  1. How to list all "Access Point Groups" and later use one as normal IAP?

    Hello fellows,
    I need help with this stuff, some code or tip will save my day.
    Here on my Nokia E61, is defined a "Group of Access Points (AP)". For some applications, it is listed and handled just...
  2. Re: sis type: sissystem (SY) missing in 3rd edition


    unfortunately this article states that for...
  3. Replies

    Re: shared library in 3rd edition

    I'm experiencing the same problem. Did someone found a solution to this issue?
  4. Re: Help needed for client-server applications running both on 2nd & 3rd ed devices...

    So now I'm porting "clientserverasync" example form Simbian 8.1a edition SDK to run under Simbian 9.1 enviroment. As far the code compiles both, client and server, I've made some minimal changes to...
  5. Help needed for client-server applications running both on 2nd & 3rd ed devices...

    Hello Fellows.
    I'm trying to implement a simple client server application that will run on both Simbian 2nd and Simbian 3rd edition devices (with minimal porting efforts). There should be several...
  6. Re: Strange Compilation error: fatal error: error writing to -: Invalid argument

    And also i forgot to mention, that when this error occurs the conpilations seems to break. I mean that there some cpp files that also have to be compiled but the build process never reaches them....
  7. Strange Compilation error: "fatal error: error writing to -: Invalid argument"

    Hello fellows,

    I have a problem in compiling from the console for GCCE. I got the following error message which I don´t know what generates it:

    Assembler messages:
    FATAL: can't create...
  8. Thread: wait note

    by Evgeniz

    Re: wait note

    I think in the class posted above there is an memory leak. But ican't find it. I think that the CAknWaitNoteWrapper does not destroys note box but i'm not shure. If anyone have experienced such...
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