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  1. Re: Failed QA : When receiving an incoming call, the application is not suspended.

    Thank you so much for explaining the issue so well. Sir the last thing I want to ask is that, the game is for Asha Full Touch devices in which I don't have buttonA,B or C, no numpad button as well,...
  2. Re: Failed QA : When receiving an incoming call, the application is not suspended.

    There is also a problem while intializing a tread globally, how can I pause and resume a thread? I mean there must be a pair of function for this? The game can't be suspended other wise and thats why...
  3. Re: calling HideNotify and ShowNotify

    I used showNotify() and hideNotify() in my game, the game pauses and resumes perfectly when I am in game, but there is a problem when a call is received the game doesn't stop, I want to debug this...
  4. How to pause the gameCanvas when a call is received I mean how to handle the event?

    Hello Everyone!

    I have made a game on J2ME for Nokia Asha full touch devices, I am facing a problem that when a call is received the game doesnot go into pause state however when cancel button is...
  5. S40 Asha full Touch Gaming App GameCanvas Issue

    I have developed an application for Asha Full touch devices, I have extended the game Canvas for this purpose.. the problem is, when I come back to this canvas, I faced the problem connection already...
  6. Gaming App hanged at the Nokia QA with Java Security Error although running properly


    My gaming app Save the Ball is running properly on almost 3 Asha phones including 311 and 305. I submitted my app a long time ago and still now I am not successful to publish my app. QA has...
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