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  1. Re: [moved] https problem when connecting to https://m.vk.com

    Thanks traud for troubleshooting this.

    As an update I am afraid this will not be fixed on Nokia Asha software platform 1.1, but it will be considered in future releases. Note that this doesn't...
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    Re: Create Events with Sound

    Hi oniongrarlic and Javier,

    You cannot access the Alarm from your Java app, but you can use the PIM API to create a Calendar event and add it (or better say import it) to the native Calendar app....
  3. Re: [moved] https problem when connecting to https://m.vk.com

    Hi Marvel84,

    A short update. This issue has been reported internally and prioritized according to its severity. I will have an update within the next two weeks.

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    Re: Audio streaming on Asha devices

    Hi nikunjAn,

    Series 40 and Asha software platform cannot override the general volume of the device. So the application can either choose to mute it self, or use the current sound level set in the...
  5. Re: InnerActive Shows default ad Always on GameCanvas

    Hi imn001 and welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards,

    It seems that for banners, the getBannerAdData method, when called independently (from a Command), displays the same ad about 90% of the...
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    Re: How to use Tantalum library

    Also I would advise you to look at the PicasaViewer example that uses the Tantalum5 library. The example has been tested on Nokia Asha 501.
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    Re: Java problem with Symbian Belle SDK v1.0_3 [SOLVED]

    Just a short input on this issue. The Java Developer's Library for Symbian is now available in offline format from here:


    Java Developer's...
  8. Re: LWUIT TextArea - edit on focus for non-touch devices?

    You are welcome. LWUIT for Series 40 is customized to take into consideration, when possible, the Nokia UI API that is not part of Oracle's standard Java ME (or LWUIT) offering. The interesting thing...
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    Re: java.lang.InstantiationException

    Hi girishpadia,

    Do you succeed in making the UI run in the emulator, under the simple scenario where you only create a LWUIT form with a few components (e.g. a TextField and a Button) and no...
  10. Re: LWUIT TextArea - edit on focus for non-touch devices?

    Hi Jim,

    There isn't any existing method that you can use in order to achieve this. The down key, in a TextArea is reserved for moving the cursor between the lines (since a TextArea can have...
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    Re: Nokia Debug Device not working for Asha 205

    Hi trivedikamal123 and welcome to Nokia's Developer Discussion Boards,

    After a quick test on Nokia Asha 205 running software from the 10th of July 2012, I managed to both install the On Device...
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    Re: How do you debug with Nokia SDK 2.0?

    Thanks for sharing your system information. Does the crash happen when you launch the IDE or do you successfully launch the IDE and add your code, but the Emulator crashes when you try to compile and...
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    Re: How do you debug with Nokia SDK 2.0?

    We are sorry to hear that. If you are interested in returning back to the IDE, you might want to launch the Task Manager and check if you have multiple processes called "javaw" running at the same...
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    Re: mobile application


    I am afraid what you are asking for is not available, not even in the latest Series 40 full touch devices. This is only possible on Symbian devices with the following sample code:

  15. Re: Shoutcasting Internet Radio Streaming and playing Mp3 Files in J2me Midlet(Java):

    Hi pavanragi,

    Can you try to play an mp3 over http with this code?

    import java.io.IOException;
    import javax.microedition.lcdui.Command;
    import javax.microedition.lcdui.CommandListener;...
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    Re: How do you debug with Nokia SDK 2.0?

    Hi jkoorts,

    You debug Java ME applications in the same way as with standard Java applications when using Eclipse. You only need to hit the debug button (this should cause Eclipse to switch to...
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    Re: UI for showing video

    ..and to ensure backward compatibility you might want to use com.sun.lwuit.VideoComponent instead, as MediaComponent seems to become deprecated. Or even better, use the standard VideoControl from the...
  18. Re: Streaming youtube videos on j2me MIDlet(java)

    This question has already been answered but given that it seems this thread has a higher Google redirection rate, it might be worth repeating that there is an article that describes how to stream...
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    Re: Command is not working on LWUIT Form Screen

    Hi pavanragi,

    What if you call


    I have tried the following code below which switches between two Forms by clicking on the Back Command
  20. Re: we need help about Nokia Mobile Dialer developer

    Hi seetel and welcome to Nokia's Discussion Boards,

    The SIP API is only supported on some of the older Symbian versions, from S60 3rd Edition (initial release) up to S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack...
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    Re: J2ME Push Notification

    Hi susobhan,

    The Notification API is not at this time available for Series 40 devices. You might want to consider PushRegistry instead for waking applications on Series 40.

    You can find an...
  22. Re: How to identify List item in lwuit Form Screen?

    Hi pavanragi,

    For this particular use case, it might be easier to use standard LCDUI Components, instead of LWUIT on full touch Series 40 devices. One suggestion would be to use the following...
  23. Re: HELP - Create non-touch/older phone application using this Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java

    I can confirm that the Series 40 5th Edition FP1 SDK works with the following releases:

    NetBeans 7.2
    Nokia Eclipse IDE (integrated with SDK 2.0)
    Eclipse IDE Helios Service Release 2
  24. Re: Problem using Symbian emulators within NetBeans 7.1.1-7.2

    Hi Kosta,

    I have just tried to download NetBeans 7.2 and integrate Nokia Belle SDK 1.0 to it, without any problems. I am using a Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 32 bit System and during...
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    Re: Live video streaming using J2ME

    Hi kumarsai,

    Although the content type might be supported on the S60 5th Edition, progressive playback of 3gpp is first introduced on Symbian^3 according to this.
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