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  1. [Help] Tips & Tricks in Mobile Game Development


    I'm still a students and have no experience in mobile game development. But i'm really interested to develop mobile games. So far, i've learn some about GameCanvas in s40 devices. I've known...
  2. Re: [Help] Line thickness in GameCanvas

    Thanks bandarap, that's very helpfull,
    I'll start to implemented to my app

    I think my problem is solved, so far.

    Thank u
  3. Re: [Help] Line thickness in GameCanvas

    Thank a lot bandarap.

    Where can i download the Nokia UI APIs 'com.nokia.mid.ui.DirectUtils', i mean where can i get it?
    And how about the the font face? For example i want to draw some string...
  4. Re: [Help] Line thickness in GameCanvas

    Thanks a lot bandarap, it works nicely...

    I'have another problem. some body help...

    If i want to draw some string in J2ME, the code seems like follow
    g.drawString("Some String", getWidth()/2,...
  5. [Help] Line thickness in GameCanvas

    I'm interest on developping apps in S40. And I plan to develop simple game on S40 devices.

    I wan't to draw some line in GameCanvas by overriding paint(Graphics g) method. The code seem like...
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