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  1. Remote Compiler now updated to reflect Qt SDK 1.1.4

    Sorry for the delay but now RC is up to date.

    Any problems or questions - let us know.

  2. Re: How to modify a contact number of the phonebook

    from QML? Not sure if the QML contacts API supports this, so you might want to go C++

  3. Re: how to add animate flippin into widget?

    Would recommend you using QML i.e Qt Quick for the UI where these sort of animations are build in and easily achievable.

  4. Re: how to know if app is started normally or from auto start?

    I guess the only way to do this would be to write a starter app that is started on the boot which starts the actual app. The starter app would then let the real app know (by f.ex a central repository...
  5. Re: Symbian Library building with an assembler file

    Is the topic still open? If so please let us know more info, f.ex what SDK you're using.

  6. Re: Help Please!!!! Problems with ListView's and Symbian Anna

    Solved this?

    updating the SDK or CODA won't help. installing Qt (+webkit +mobilty) to the device might, not sure what your actual problem is. Seems that the app starts but the list isn't visible? ...
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    Re: Home Screen Widget/Application

    Qt apps can use "all" the Symbian C++ APIs, including the homescreen ones. Unfortunately it's a bit tricky, I'd recommend implementing the homescreen part app using the S60 5th ed SDK (i.e S^1)....
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    Re: simulate WP7 interface with qt

    I'd also suggest using Qt Quick. Qt Components (http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-components) will make the handling of different views much more easier by introducing a new page concept. You can expect Qt...
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    Re: Memory Tool for Qt on Symbian

    First versions of improved tooling coming soon. We'll update also the related discussion board items once available.

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    Re: Incoming and outgoing call in Qt

    you're using the deprecated Mobile Extensions that have been replaced with Mobility APIs. Unfortunately there's still no telephony API in Mobility. You might want to try the following...
  11. Re: Clarification on Qt 4.7 for Symbian and application distribution to Ovi store

    Hi all,
    good news. The packages for S^3 devices are now available!

    Check out http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Qt_4.7_for_Symbian%5E3_-_developer_version

    BTW, please keep this thread for...
  12. FYI - Nokia Qt SDK in action presentation from Qt developer days 2010 available

    Covering many Symbian specific topics like using the smart installer etc.


    Good stuff!

  13. Re: Clarification on Qt 4.7 for Symbian and application distribution to Ovi store

    Qt update to N8 will be doable with a normal sis install, just like for other devices. It just requires a separate sis file than the devices that don't have Qt preinstalled (detailed tehcnical...
  14. Re: Clarification on Qt 4.7 for Symbian and application distribution to Ovi store

    Hi Jim,
    OpenGL support for Qt on Symbian is on the way and will be supported by Nokia Qt SDK. As always, can't comment on detailed versions or times. Sorry bout that....

    to verify your...
  15. Clarification on Qt 4.7 for Symbian and application distribution to Ovi store

    as you might be aware the new Qt 4.7.0 SDK is released in qt.nokia.com.

    For Nokia platforms the recommended Qt version is always the one that is default in Nokia Qt SDK...
  16. Re: Phonon::MediaObject::play state change is not happening correctly

    Sounds like a bug to me. Have you checked for similar reports from bugreports.qt.nokia.com? If none found could you please report it, thanks!

  17. Re: Can I use openGL ES for "Qt for Symbian"

    OpenGL for Symbian is not supported yet in 4.7.0. Fingers crossed for the next minor release...

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    Re: Prevent Application Piracy

    Hi Donal,
    what are you mainly worried about here? a) someone reverse engineering your app or b) superdistribution of the installer packages? c) someone digging out the binaries of the application...
  19. Re: Qt mobility 1.1.0 examples compile error

    Those error messages are most likely due to missing libraries. What's your setup i.e what SDK are you using?

  20. Re: Installing QtMobility 1.0.2 on a Win system

    if you update mobility to Nokia Qt SDK "manually" the simulator might not work be able to support it. You should wait for the official updates through "update Nokia Qt SDK". The 1.0.2 is now...
  21. Re: undefined identifier 'QTM_USE_NAMESPACE' ?

    you're not including any header files that would contain the definition. Guide : http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1.0/quickstart.html

    The declaration of QTM_USE_NAMESPACE is in...
  22. Re: Mobile Extensions Telephony Api problem

    the mobile extension libraries are no longer maintained i.e they are not compiled against newest Qt versions.

    There's a call notification feature coming in Mobility in a few weeks. If you...
  23. Re: How to capture raw audio data with amr codec?

    My money would go to http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.6.2/qtmultimedia.html

    Haven't done it myself so not sure though...

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    Re: Location API, is it working on 1.0.2?

    Don't think it has anything to do with the API. It could be that the GPS fix wasn't aquired, once you had a working sim card the assisted GPS kicked in.

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    Re: Cannot make QtMobility TP2

    Regarding the original issue i.e need of Camera it should be available in the next release within few weeks.

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