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  1. Re: LBS on a phone which doesnot support JSR179 ??

    Thanks Guys . The idea is to develop a Navigation like system using mobile phones. Mobile phones need not support JSR179 but has a bluettooth or usb connectivity.
    I would make use of the mobile...
  2. LBS on a phone which doesnot support JSR179 ??

    Hi all,
    If Iam right to make use of LBS the phone should support JSR179 (location API's) . But I have a recommendation pls let me know if it will work.

    1. I have a phone with bluetooth and USB...
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    Re: Location Based Service

    If I understood properly the information provided by Network based Solutions will not provide adequate informations related to the exact position of the mobile device. Only a GPS can provide exact...
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    Location Based Service

    Hi all,
    I am working on a Mobile location finder application program.
    The possible ways are using
    1. GPS enabled Mobile device which uses Location API
    2. Netwrok based which also uses Location...
  5. Application to find nearby towers within a cell

    I have few tech quiries related to cell phone communication.

    I want an application running in my cell phone which will
    1. capture the number of towers visible to it at any point of time. ...
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