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    Re: .MOD .s3m .xm .it or at least .sid tunes support

    Sorry for reviving an old thread like this, but I'm very interested in the mxmf format, and there seems to be very little information about it online.

    Many of the programs you're supposed to be...
  2. Nokia N82 mp4 recorded videos out of sync when played back

    I have a bunch of mp4 files recorded with my N82. I'd like to make a video-album from these mp4 files.
    But when I play them on my Desktop computers (one Linux and one WinXP) video and audio is out...
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    Re: Question to MIDI experts

    Virtually none. MIDI gets compressed really well in a jar. You won't notice the difference in jar size. The difference is within the amount of memory needed to load the MIDI.

    It's 13k of data I...
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    Question to MIDI experts

    This question is something only your musician can possibly answer, so if you could have your musician look at this, it would be great.

    In order to produce the smallest possible filesize of a MIDI...
  5. DEVELOPERS: Do you need music for your mobile games?

    Hello all,

    Dewfall Productions is currently in the process of creating a J2ME music section. The purpose of this J2ME music section is to provide small MIDI files (music and sound effects) to game...
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    Nokia 6060 themes

    What's up with themes for Nokia 6060? Can't get anything working on it.
    I have tried a few from here:

    The only theme I can get working, is one...
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