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    Re: what advertising platform do you use?

    You really shouldn't choose a company by their website.

    There are only 2 questions that you need to ask them, what is their fill rate and their eCPM.

    If there fill rate is over 80% and their...
  2. Re: Mobile ads not possible for apps in OVI Store

    I can go forever on the things that making us different from other Ad providers/aggregators (like the high eCPM and fill-rate…)

    But to stick to the issue, our company has a lot of experience...
  3. Re: Mobile ads not possible for apps in OVI Store

    It is very much depend on the partner you are choosing to supply your ads.

    I am working at innerActive, a company specializing in "in-app ad optimization" at the global app stores.

    when it...
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    Re: advertising providers


    We can supply you with a solution.

    I am working at innerActive, we are not an ad platforms but an "in-app ad optimization company" that can link you with up to 100 ad agencies (including...
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