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    Re: Build is not working

    I guess there are some ideas for solution here
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    Re: gcc 4 linker error

    I've encountered the same error,
    It's hard to say what exactly was the cause, because after some restarts of my PC I managed to compile the code once more, and then it didn't work again.
    It didn't...
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    Re: thread subscription


  4. Search -> Repeat search -> Post new thread

    I guess it's an obvious pattern for users, to try to
    1) search for an answer in a particular sub-forum,
    2) change the phrase to narrow down the search
    3) and finally post a new thread in...
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    thread subscription

    How can I automatically subscribe to all threads where I post something?
    I can only see the option to subscribe to every thread separately in the "thread tools" at the top
  6. debugging helper libraries not found at .


    I have the NokiaQtSDK installed with the Qt Creator.

    While I build "Simulator QT for MinGW" I can launch debugging session, but when I set the breakpoint it complains about the lack of...
  7. Re: private folder contents on reinstall to another drive

    So when talking about "\private\<UID>\" folder, it can refer to a folder on any drive?

    Taking the example of the backup_registration.xml, which private folder does it backup?
    The one on the c:\...
  8. private folder contents on reinstall to another drive

    Hi all,
    I have a problem with my app when I install/update it to alternate drives.
    1)Installed to C:\ and some data saved to the private folder
    2)Installed again as an update to the E:\ drive and...
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    Re: XML parsing with DTD

    Thanks, this CDATA markup solves my problem.
    And yes, the DTD construct was made up (or didn't meet reality).
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    XML parsing with DTD

    Is it possible to parse the XML document according to the rules from the DTD file?

    I'm challenging the situation where I have an html content embedded in the xml document, and I'd like to extract...
  11. Re: Poor text rendering quality with a masked bitmap

    Here you go,
    The solution indeed was to draw to a normal bitmap first (it has to be white before writing), then again to a 256-grayscale mask using the white pen (this one has to be zeroed at the...
  12. Re: Poor text rendering quality with a masked bitmap

    I've tried setting the brush to null

    and it doesn't change the rendering

    I can set the alpha level of the font and it will get transparent, but...
  13. Poor text rendering quality with a masked bitmap

    I'm writing the text to a bitmap with transparency and the text is rendered with a very poor quality.
    It doesn't happen when I write a text to a bitmap without transparency, but I want to have...
  14. Re: Deinstallation of shared SIS files

    I guess I've found a solution that at least partially fixes the problem (and on most firmwares)
    As long as you have only one dependent library to install with your software, you can try this...
  15. Re: Stopping embedded sis files to get uninstalled while uninstalling Application.

    Marking dependencies in the pkg file works, even in older devices. I've tried it on the Nokia E50 with v.06.41 from Oct 2006.
    There is only some wrong assumption in the example that I will not...
  16. Re: Problems with indexing large files in carbide.c++ v2.3 v.2.4

    The feedback from Bryan Rooney helped me resolve this problem:

    Then if I open the scalability pref panel C/C++ > Editor > Scalability and
    change the "Enable scalability mode when the...
  17. Re: Problems with indexing large files in carbide.c++ v2.3 v.2.4

    Thank you for help.
    Bug submitted.

  18. Re: Problems with indexing large files in carbide.c++ v2.3 v.2.4

    Hi, I've enabled that option in Carbide.c++ that you mentioned. I'm getting only warnings on startup. Some error messages happened in the meantime, but it's hard to say which of them are important,...
  19. Re: Problems with indexing large files in carbide.c++ v2.3 v.2.4

    Is there any debug log from the indexer/parser to let you see where it fails?

    I cannot attach the cpp source, but it happens with large files, and happens randomly at startup and when opening...
  20. Problems with indexing large files in carbide.c++ v2.3 v.2.4

    Hi there
    Since I upgraded carbide.c++ to 2.3 with ADT I noticed problems with indexing large files (with more than 3k lines of code or about 100kB length). I updated to 2.4 today and the problem...
  21. Re: Application closed: !WidgetRegistry ALLOC: 37b72aa4 0

    I agree it's annoying, especially if you have the "Just in time" debugging option enabled.
    I renamed the WidgetRegistry.exe file, and it's not being run now (since I don't develop widgets, it seems...
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    Re: CEikImage, E71, Mask

    CCoeControl::DrawDeferred() is a valid method for redrawing the components in a container, without redrawing the whole screen.

    It does fail if you don't call SetContainerWindowL(), as the...
  23. Re: force virtual keyboard with avkon dialog


    Thanks Paul.Todd!
  24. force virtual keyboard with avkon dialog

    I'm using AVKON dialogs in my software, and they basically support touch-interface. The only problem is that when popping the dialog (either CAknTextQueryDialog or CAknNumberQueryDialog or...
  25. https certificate issues with Nokia E50

    Hi there

    We've issued a certificate for our website using a GoDaddy CA. This is a relatively new CA, so it's not been included in the Nokia E50 phone. Therefore we installed the CA root...
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