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    Re: Array, cleanup stack

    Thanks, both your comments have been helpful.
    Yea, they are member variables, so as long as I delete them using the destructor, I won't have to worry about them, am I correct?

    I should try to...
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    Array, cleanup stack

    Dear all,

    I have a beginner question I'm wondering about. I have an 3 arrays that I want to create, and was wondering if I have understood leaves and cleanup stack correctly.

    I'm doing this...
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    N95 Accelerometer values (RRSensorApi)

    Dear all,

    I am new to accelerometers, and am wondering what the X Y Z numbers actually mean.

    I know that they detect acceleration, but I am unable to understand the arbitary number values...
  4. Re: Nokia N95 8GB, Feature pack 1 and Sensor API

    Many thanks, finally able to make it work!
  5. Re: Nokia N95 8GB, Feature pack 1 and Sensor API

    Thanks for your help :)

    I downloaded and installed the sensor API.

    I'm having some trouble finding the documentation for the sensor API however (it says: The plug-in is provided with complete...
  6. Nokia N95 8GB, Feature pack 1 and Sensor API

    Hi, I am pretty new at this.

    I've been trying to program on the N95 8GB which if I have understood correctly, uses S60 3rd edition FP1.

    Thus, I downloaded and installed the S60 3rd edition FP1...
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