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    Re: Anyone tried Phonegap?

    PhoneGap is not perfect, like most things in life ;) It is good for many things though, and as mentioned, if you are familiar with HTML and JavaScript it is very quick to develop for many different...
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    Re: Welcome to WP7 Discussion

    We are working on a number of contents such as tutorials and getting started guides, also comparing to other technologies and programming languages. You will see more content appearing on Forum Nokia...
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    Re: Symbian not open source anymore?

    You can create an account at http://symbian.nokia.com/registration/register (linked from the top right of the page). You should receive a confirmation email within minutes. Once you have that you can...
  4. Re: Nokia Projects - cant change project license

    I will take this as a suggestion to improve the UI! :)

    See the little arrow and "License". click the arrow and it expands.
  5. Re: Nokia Projects - cant change project license

    Hi truf,
    go in the Admin tab, from the menu on the left choose "Categorization", scroll down and you should see a title bar called "License". You can choose and change your licence there.

    Let me...
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    Re: jQuery mobile

    The testswarm is also a unit-testing system, so the fact that it fails does not mean it's a problem of the browser, it might be an error in the implementation or something incomplete. The fact that...
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