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  1. Re: Attaching Nokia simulator to Eclipse, anyone successful?

    You can try Eclipse pulsar /http://www.eclipse.org/pulsar/. It is the same mentioned by viktor_m but it is alreday packed together and there is also posibility to install some Nokia SDKs from eclipse.
  2. Re: Symbian Belle emulator - Midlet installation failed.

    Thanks for advice. It works but it is too slow. At least I can try if my application is running.
  3. Re: Symbian Belle emulator - Midlet installation failed.

    I don't have real device yet. I downloaded Java ME SDK and Nokia S60 5th SDK and it works good.

    Do you have some experience with development for symbian anna/belle? Is it better to use on device...
  4. Symbian Belle emulator - Midlet installation failed.

    I am trying to make application for Nokia C7-00. I use Symbian Belle emulator. My problem is that running and debugging on emulator does not work. I tried to use both IDEs Netbeans and...
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    SVG encoding problem

    I'm developing application for S40 Nokia 6212. I have problem with special czech characters(ěščřžýáíéúů etc.) rendering in SVG. SVG file is encoded in UTF8. Most of these characters are displayed as...
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    Re: Emuator chrashes using SVG

    Netbeans MIDP Components SVG is library based on JSR 226 but implements some useful features. If I only use classes defined in JSR 226 it's working properly.
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    Re: Emuator chrashes using SVG

    Application also crashes on real device(Nokia 6212). I found that it was caused by Netbeans MIDP Components SVG library. If I use only JSR 226 it is working much better.
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    Emuator chrashes using SVG

    I have problem with SVG. I'm using 6212 SDK with NFC. Always I try to run app using SVG emulator chrashes on
    Asserion failed!
    File: z:\s40_sw\include\SvgValue.h
  9. Re: MFStandardConnection.getApplicationDirectory returns null

    Conditions are set to 0 1 0 (read with key A|B, write never) for block 0 and 1 0 0 (read with key A|B, write with key B) for blocks 1 and 2. Conditions for sector trailer are set to 0 1 1 (both keys...
  10. MFStandardConnection.getApplicationDirectory returns null

    I'm using Nokia 6212 emulator and omnikey cardman 5321 and I want to connect to Mifare 4k.
    Establishing connection is ok but getApplicationDirectory allways returns null.
    I tried to read data...
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