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    how can I get the deleted contactitems !!!

    I read the database by using the CContacatDatabase object, I try a lot of way to get the ids of the deleted contacts ,but I can't get!!!I think they were really deleted ,not only marked as deleted .
    However,when I open the Contacs.cdb in txt ,and I still can find info of the contacts which I have deleted. So how the ContactDatabase object knows whether the items was deleted .if the object only judge by the deleted property , I should get them by the filer ,however I didn't get .So can u tell me that how does the ContactDatabase to judge whether a contact has been deleted,indeed the data still found in the Contacs.cdb .

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    Re: how can I get the deleted contactitems !!!


    Sadly not, when a contact is deleted and commited, the underlying record is freed up but is no longer accessible as it is marked as deleted.

    It is not possible to recover this as under the database is the filestore API which is a transacted file.

    If you call Compact on the contacts db it will free call Compact in the database up the disk space and the items will be purged.

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