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Thread: Why Buy New ??

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    Angry Why Buy New ??

    Here is my question . . it is actually a multi-part question.

    1] why on earth should a person buy a NEW nokia ??
    2] what good is a warranty if it can take a month to repair your phone ??
    3] wouldn't a person be better off buying a used phone on ebay ? one that you can toss in the trash if it breaks ?? [ You are going to have to buy a new one anyway unless you can wait a month to get yours back.

    4] what is the name of the person i have to sleep with to get an update on the repair of my $800 N93 phone .. I had it two days but it arrived broken and the retailer didn't have another .. so how do i contact this person or can you have him contact me ..


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    Re: Why Buy New ??

    Unfotunately there isn't anything we can do in Forum Nokia for you. Forum Nokia is for developer's support not product support. However, there is a product support forum that is monitored and where you can get attention and solutions http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/. But I don't think that will do you much good.

    This is my personal opinion but it is a strong opinion

    This is a retailer problem what is the sense in buying from a retailer if you can't get a working phone. I'd be on his door step and talking to the owner or corporate president if I didn't have a functional device in my hands the next day.

    Problems happen in shipping, this is one reason you pay a retailer, to take care of these problems for you.

    I'm almost as angry as you are.


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