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    401 Unauthorized supported?


    i am using SIP Stack of Nokia S60 3rd edition.
    when i send register method to server, server gives me 401 unauthorized.

    now how i give authentication parameters like password.. in register method

    is it possible to give authenthication parameter in register method using Nokia SIP Stack?
    does it supported in Nokia SIP Stack?

    how can i do that....please guid me...


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    Re: 401 Unauthorized supported?


    I'm not sure I understand your question. 401 Unauthorized request is fine - you receive withing this reply some additonal information for computing digest for example and you should reply it with new REGISTER - it works fine for me. Are you using profiles or not?

    The message flow shoud be:
    <---401 Unauthorized
    <200 OK or 403 Forbidden


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    Re: 401 Unauthorized supported?


    Yes you have understood the problem. i am using profile.

    and the problem is solved for me also.

    thanks for replay...

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