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    Smile please help me with this hard error code on my Nokia 6070


    i have posted last week on the bulletin about this error :-

    No Class Def Found Error

    my source code is compiled and built on NetBeans 5.5 and the emulator runs well with no errors but when i use Nokia PC Suite and download it to my phone, i have this error. i am currently using Nokia 6070 and i check the specifications...although i am sure it can run WMA API 2.0 and not API 1.1.

    please help me.

    you can also email me at sim_ming_kwang@moe.edu.sg

    Thank You Very Much.

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    Re: please help me with this hard error code on my Nokia 6070

    MultipartMessage is for multi-media messages typically over MMS. Sending MMS is supported in WMA 2.0
    If you are using Nokia 6070, it does not support Wireless Messaging API (JSR-205) - WMA 2.0 . It supports JSR-120. You can check the technical specifications here http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/6070


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