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    How to display XHTML page on mobile...?

    Hi Friends,

    I m developing an application. It requires XHTML pages & I want to display that XHTML pages on the screen.

    Is it possible?

    pls suggest me some solutions...


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    Re: How to display XHTML page on mobile...?

    Nothing is impossible. The only way you can do it is to parse the XHTML content in your application, convert it into the graphical form and display it on the Canvas or Form. I think the kXML parser would be the best choice at the moment to extract the tags and data from the XHTML documents. Unfortunatelly there are no other standard ways to display the XHTML pages in J2ME applications.
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    Re: How to display XHTML page on mobile...?

    Yes; write your own code to read the XHTML, parse & render it. Or, perhaps through a platform request call launch the browser.

    Other than that, write your app in C++ and call the browser as an embedded (in your app) browser.

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