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    User agent

    Phone browser : User-agent header is set by the phone browser while making a request. This user agent header gives complete information about phone like profile,configuration ,phone model etc. Therefore at the server side, content modification can easily be done based on phone model.

    Java Application: In case of java application, we set the User-Agent string by ourself within the application.

    My question : Is there any way to get the string which is set by phone browser for User-Agent such that the same string can be setted from the application.
    If not then what are the system properties which describes about the phone capabilities and run on all the phone.
    e.g - microedition.platform - Tells about the phone model and software version etc. But on some phones it just return "J2me". Theerfore it wont solve the purpose.

    I hope i am able to explain my query. Please do ping me if there is any problem in understanding the question.


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    Re: User agent


    The System.getProperty("microedition.platform") is supposed to return information about the Java platform, not about the web capabilities of the mobile platform. The properties and their names may vary from vendor to vendor, but this one is presented on all standardized mobile platforms. Usually it tells you which version of CLDC and MIDP you have on the mobile phone, but true, sometimes it is only "j2me" or "java".

    IMHO the User-Agent parameter should uniquetly identify the web application and separate it from the others. This way the "microedition.platform" property might be a little bit wrong choice. May be it should be placed into the HTTP header as it is, under the "microedition.platform" name, but the User-Agent parameter should be designed only by you.
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    Re: User agent

    thanks axs.

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