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    Form scrolling Problem

    im using a single form to display demo which is displayed in pagewise style. ie. when user opens first page will be displayed when user clicks next user gets another text which is displayed in the same form. 1 page has scrollable amount of text and when user goes down to last line & click next then user gets a blank screen,when he scrolls up he can see the text.

    is there any solution other than intialising the form again?


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    Re: Form scrolling Problem


    If your application is going to be developed using in MIDlet with Form, no problem in scrolling, because MIDlet takes care of showing the length message with scrolling. When the Items in the Form in MIDlet increases, it will be automatically showing in scrollable format.

    Hope this helps you

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    Re: Form scrolling Problem

    I have the exact same problem. I tested on N73.
    If I test using the Sun (SWT) Emulator, then there is no scrolling issue.

    I'm applying: MIDP-2.0, CLDC-1.1 device profile/config.

    My scenario is that I perform a search to RMS via a MIDlet Form, and upon response, I display the results form. Sometime, the results are quite big and the user needs to scroll down the form page. When the user does another search, the scrolling is not reset to the top of the page.

    Any ideas what the problem might be?


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