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    problem with capabilities

    I am trying to use CTelephony::GetCurrentNetworkInfo to get network info
    (allthough i have a developer certificate signed with ReadDeviceData but without ACS key), i get a message "required application access not granted".
    i sign the app with location networkservices readdevicedata readuserdata writedevicedata writeuserdata and i still dont have the right access.
    when i try on-device debug carbide asks me to sign the app with the proper certificate.

    i have tried everything i could think of and nothing worked .any suggestions?

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    Re: problem with capabilities

    Make sure you have a UID from the correct range.

    Did you go through the process of creating a symbian signed account, entering your IMEI phone number, generating a csr and then downling the certificat file?

    You cannot use a self generated file (generated by MakeKeys) for Read/Write device data.

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    Re: problem with capabilities

    thanx for the answer..
    problem solved. the csr file wasnt writen properly but symbiansigned gave me a certificate. i created a new certificate and everything works perfectly

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