I am developing for Nokia N70. The sdk I am using is good in many ways but the emulator sucks. Apart from being extemly slow, I have following concerns with it:

*Despite trying so hard, I haven't been able to make connections with bluettooth devices from the emulators. (I understand that this may also be related to bt hardware of my computer)

*I tried very hard to find out how it emulates mmc because the applications I make use tons of media files and have to be resident on the phone mmc. Using the emulator I could browse the memory card and move files to it but I haven't found which folder/file on my computer hard drive it maps to.

*I didn't like that the application starts automatically as opposed to letting you start the application. Even worse, the emulator dies/closes when your exit the application

* I think it should allow a way to see the output from System.out.println calls on your computer screen while the application is running on the phone.

so because of these reasons I can't even use the emulator. I have to install my app on the phone and change permisions etc about 20 times a day on average and sometimes 50 times a day.