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    Arrow behaving phone as a modem in J2ME

    hi all,

    i'm a newbee to J2ME. i found one module on how to develop a MIDlet in J2ME that will act as a modem to a pc connected via bluetooth or serial port or any other media?

    i thought i should as follow 2 steps:

    1) Running a midlet on the phone that will be the server (appropriately a proxy server)

    2) Running another midlet on the pc that will act as a client (just like RMI) which can access the internet via the mobiles GPRS connection?

    which part of J2ME can help me in this regard and whilch SDKs and emulators can do this for me?

    how to implement this?

    your suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Re: behaving phone as a modem in J2ME

    Actually you will need a featured Bluetooth stack for PC, to access the Bluetooth hardware on your computer and to use it.

    As far as I know, for Windows there were few commercial stacks, and few open-source (and "mostly free") stacks for Linux, but all of them were designed either as a J2SE modules, or as modules for the operating system. So, using an another midlet on a PC for creating a communication channel with the real mobile phone would be not a trivial task.

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    Arrow Re: behaving phone as a modem in J2ME

    The thing is like this that whenever the mobile (bluetooth enabled) will come in the piconet of the PC, the PC has to identify it and then it will use the GPRS service associated with the mobile to access the internet.

    i've to configure the device driver in J2ME, i've been told NOT to install any driver, instead the MIDlet will do the job for me.

    The MIDlet has to identify the bluetooth deviice and then configure the mobile as the modem for the pc.

    any idea. thnx in advance

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