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Thread: Telephony API

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    Telephony API

    I'm pretty new to S60 device programming. I'm trying to write an app do do telephone call initiation and call control.
    I downloaded and installed the Carbide.j version as I would prefer to code in java but found very little support for my needs. In fact, I can't find how to grab a call handle at all until a JSR is supported (Mobile Telephony).

    Does this functionality exist within Carbide c++? any examples of telephony applications anywhere?


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    Re: Telephony API

    Carbide.c++ is just an IDE, for C++ development you also need to get some SDK-s from Forum Nokia (also from Tools and SDK-s, but choose Symbian C++). CTelephony is the API for you, it has some examples in the documentation. Online docs for example: http://www.symbian.com/developer/tec...13A/index.html although it also depends on the actual phone model.

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    Re: Telephony API

    Thanks for the info. I wish there were the same level of capability in C# or java... Doesn't look like there is for now.
    Thanks again

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