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    Question How to open existing .sis files in Carbide s60 3.1?

    In Carbide ui S60 Theme 3.1 I can make themes, I can edit the sample themes that are included, but can this be used to edit existing .sis files?
    When I tried to create a new theme and base it on an existing one - it searches for .tdf files, how can I extract or create a tdf file from an existing theme?
    Maybe you you can also help me to find a .cis themes editor/viewer?

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    Re: How to open existing .sis files in Carbide s60 3.1?

    You cannot open sis files in Carbide.ui 3.1.

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    Re: How to open existing .sis files in Carbide s60 3.1?

    At the latest release of s60, the problem is solved. Look at:


    I copied the answer from this url:

    Attempts to install a SIS file on the S60 3rd Edition emulator will fail with the "File corrupt" error message.

    In fact, it is likely that the SIS file is valid. However, the emulator does not have any root certificates installed and this is causing the SIS validation routine to fail.


    To solve the problem, unzip the file certstore_S60_3rd_SDK.zip to your current SDK installation folder. It will provide the Symbian A, B, C, and D root certificates against which the Software Installer can validate applications signed with all certificates supported by Symbian.

    Please note that:

    - The SIS files to be installed on the device must contain binaries built for the WINSCW platform.

    - The emulator's IMEI is "000000000000000" and if a Symbian Developer Certificate is used to sign the SIS file, it has to include support for this IMEI.

    - When the application is built for WINSCW, the files (binaries, resources, etc.) are automatically copied to the default locations as if the applications were already installed on the Z: drive. As such, an attempt to install the application will fail with the message "Unable to install. Component is built-in.". The "built-in" components can be removed by cleaning the project with the "abld reallyclean" command.

    To transfer the SIS file to the emulator:

    - Place the file anywhere under %EPOCROOT%Epoc32\winscw\c\Data - the file will be visible on the emulator's "File manager" application from where it can be opened with the "Software Installer".

    - Load the file through the emulator's File->Open menu option.

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    Arrow Re: How to open existing .sis files in Carbide s60 3.1?

    Hi all
    I looked and I searched all over the internet.
    Nobody wants to aswear a simple question. Is there a software that can open .sis files to edit? Or is there a software that can help us create from scrach a theme (.sis file)?
    Some give links to some sites, but the work that u can do on the the themes there is very very limited.
    I opened a .nth theme file with Carbide.ui 3.4, and the things that you can do there is incredible, everything can be changed. Very nice software....but i didn't find a way to open or create a .sis file.
    If someone knows something about this...please leave a reply.

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    Re: How to open existing .sis files in Carbide s60 3.1?

    As far as I know Carbide.ui can't open SIS files. It can create them though. Go to Help->Search and search for "sis".

    You could also check out this screencast, though a bit old, that explains how to get started with Carbide.ui.

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    Re: How to open existing .sis files in Carbide s60 3.1?

    Quote Originally Posted by nass1470 View Post
    but i didn't find a way to open or create a .sis file.
    Generically sis files are installable files meant for device. You can ofcourse create them if you have the sources. IF you dont have the source and are thinking of sis file only, then obviously you are not the author/owner of the same in which case, its best to contact the developer who owns the sources.

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