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    Starting with programming

    I want to start programming for Symbian mobile phones. I write my softwares for windows in Visual Basic. Is it possible to use this language to write softwares in Symbian? and How?
    I have found a software called Crossfire but it is not freeware. I need a freeware software because I an amateur programmer.
    I have found Carbide.c++ and I thought that I can learn c++ and write my programs with this language. But after I have installed this software I needed SDKs. I want to develop softwares in Symbian 60 series. After I have downlaoded the SDK 3rd edition package from forum.nokia.com, my winrar has given an error that the package has been harmed and cant open it.
    Should I download older versions too?
    Where can I find this package else? ( I want to download it from another source)
    What would you offer me?

    Thanks very much!
    and sorry about my english

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    Re: Starting with programming

    AppForge is the only way, if you want to use VB (no free solutions).

    Which S60 (Series 60) SDK you choose depends on which devices (models) you want to target. All devices - except for one - announced and released in 2006 and so far in 2007 have been based on S60 3rd Edition or S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1, so you might want to concentrate on the S60 3rd Ed. MR (Maintenance Release) SDK.

    If C++ is difficult, then you can also use Java (Java 2 Micro Edition, J2ME).

    And for something even easier and faster to pick up, there's Python for S60, too.

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    Smile Re: Starting with programming

    Hello Genom,

    Welcome to the Forum!!! :)

    As petrib says you are having different options to start with programming.

    Anyways you can download 3rd Edition, Mainteneace Release SDK (2nd from drop down list under Download section) from the following link:
    S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for C++


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    Re: Starting with programming

    Thanks both of you a lot! I think I have downloaded false package. (It was 159 MB) I'm downlaoding it!
    And Kiran congratulation for your forum nokia champion!

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