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    Question Symbian Application (SIS) file not available in Application Manager Menu

    Hi All,
    I have successfully installed my sis file on Nokia E61 device. Even Application Manager confirmed the installation successful. But unfortunately, my application is not showing up in any menu folder or menu list.

    What could be the problem area? Please help me out.

    My package file is as follows:

    ;Language - standard language definitions

    ; standard SIS file header

    ;Supports Series 60 v 3.0
    [0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"S60ProductID"}

    ;Localized Vendor Name
    %{"My Test EN"}

    ;Unique Vendor name

    ; Files to copy

    Looking forward to get answer.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Symbian Application (SIS) file not available in Application Manager Menu

    Check the UIDs on all executables (.exe) and resource files (.rsc). They should match. Note that there are several places where UIDs are defined.


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    Smile Re: Symbian Application (SIS) file not available in Application Manager Menu

    Hello Vivek,

    As Antony says you need to take good care of all such UID issues.

    I would suggest you to start with a simple "HelloWorld" application which can be created using wizard of your IDE.
    Depending on capabilities your application holds, sign it with Self-Signing or Developer-certificate.
    Install it on phone.
    I hope you can see application this time.

    Then after you can correlate your application with this "HelloWorld" application.
    Make appropriate changes in your application accordingly.

    PS:You can also read more for UIDs in the SDK help.

    I hope this will help you.

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