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    Red face Carbide.vs installer issue

    I had downloaded the carbide.vs exe file completely few days ago. But when I click the exe file to install, it pop-up a error msg "The magic number did not match. Please get another copy of installer and try again". I try to download the exe file again, but the error still happen...
    Please somebody teach me how to do or give me another address to download the carbide.vs exe file.

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    Smile Re: Carbide.vs installer issue

    Hello Mikesam

    Welcome to the Forum!!! :)

    Have you downloaded Carbide.Vs from following link:
    Carbide.vs 2.0.1

    And also go through System requirements etc... from Release notes before installing Carbide.Vs.
    Carbide.vs 2.0.1 Release Notes


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    Re: Carbide.vs installer issue

    kiran, thanks....

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