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    bluetooth pairing key for OEM RFCOMM Module


    I would like to use a free2move bluetooht module with embedded RFCOMM/SPP bluetooth profile. I was successfull to discover a Nokia and Motorola Mobile phone with the OEM module. However had no success to pair and connect, because both model require a passkey.
    The free2move as well provides a passkey for authentication. However this is done by hex values (1 upto 16 bytes). I tried to enter a 0 (ascii) on both phones and a 0x30 (hex) in the OEM module passkey configuration.
    I'm pretty sure there must be something like a passphrase generator similar to WEP passphrase generators. Do you know something about or am I wrong with my assumption?


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    How is this Java related? We have a section just for Bluetooth there …

    I would test a passkey with at least a length of four. Furthermore, I do not understand your WEP key mentioning. There a passkey has a fixed length, however, in Bluetooth the passkey can be anything from none, zero (that makes a difference!) to 16 bytes length.

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