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    debug code warrior

    hi ,all
    i use code warrior vertion 3.1 and 2 sdk fp 3.
    my code compile and run pass but i pess exit buttom on emulator it show msg."Progarm Closed" .
    i don't understand.
    how must i do?
    i think debug may be help me but i don't have understand it.
    who is explan to me,please ?
    step by step.
    thank you.

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    Re: debug code warrior

    First its good if you are bale to find out what is the error code it is crashing with.
    You can find that out by:

    following the instructions defined in this link.

    For debugging you need to put break points in your code using F9 at relevant portions in your code eg. you can put a break point at the HandleCommandL() function.
    Then Start the debug with F5. This will open the emulator for you.
    Now start executing your application and repeat the crashing sequence.
    As soon as a break point is hit you will be able to debug the application in code warrior. you can use F10 for step by step stepping in your code.


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