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    Creating theme for S60 v3 with SVG icons


    I'm trying to create theme for my Nokia N73 with Carbide.UI 3.1 .

    I'd like to have theme based on icons Tango Project -> http://tango.freedesktop.org/ . Icons are available in SVG format, which is good, because icons in any raster format look ugly.

    But I have several problems with creating theme:

    1] I found in some tutorial, that icons should be converted into SVGT (SVG Tiny) with svg2svgt convertor included in SDK... It doesn't matter if I do it or not CarbideUI doesn't show previews for icons. (Or it shows it very small which does not correspond to how are the icons shown in phone.)

    2] Icons does not look like how the are viewed on computer (even after svg2svgt conversion).

    3] Because there are different sizes of one icon in different screens in phone (menu, top icon, standby mode shortcuts) Icons are not scaled to fit into standby mode, but are just cropped. Why? When you import raster picture, it is scaled...

    Is there a way how to create good looking (from vector format, i thought svg could be the right one) theme?

    Should I use different vector format?

    Can somebody help me with issues I wrote above?

    Thank you very much

    (If I§m in a bad forum, please tell me, thx)

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    Re: Creating theme for S60 v3 with SVG icons


    In the new version of Carbide.ui the icons from Tango project shall work. Please download a new version of Carbide.ui (3.1.1)

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    Re: Creating theme for S60 v3 with SVG icons

    Firstly, just to remind that Tango is under GLP, thus you need to act according to that.

    Then for the cropping, it is caused by the fact that Nokia phones at least would really like to have the view-rect defined, and usually it is not.

    Thus open the SVG with a wordpad, and find the place where height & width is defined and add the viewbox aftern them, something like this will do:

    height="48" width="48" viewBox="0 0 48 48"


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    Re: Creating theme for S60 v3 with SVG icons

    do you guys know,how to apply animated icons(keypad lock etc)in carbide u.i. for s60v3?????thank u

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