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    Freelance Developers needed

    Am doing a startup based in Bangalore, India.

    Am looking for freelance developers to develop v1 of our product. Once we have funding, we would like to look at these freelancers becoming full time employees,

    Am looking at developing a client on Symbian phones and J2ME using SMS/ MMS as the transport. Thus need skilled Symbian/J2ME programmers. Am looking for very good domain knowledge on SMS/ MMS protocols, network behaviour, latencies and want to push the envelope on SMS/MMS while developing the application.

    Please send me your skill sets, hourly rate, contact details etc.....

    Mohan Sundaram

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    Re: Freelance Developers needed

    Hi mohansundaram,

    Please visit www.getafreelancer.com for your requirements.


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    Re: Freelance Developers needed


    If you are still looking for j2me freelancer then one of my friend is there.

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