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    accesing files in J2ME

    hi, i m developing 1 project i want a help that how can i access file stored in mobile phone i.e. how 2 use JSR 75 in j2me if there is any code then plz provide me
    Actually i want to send file to computer stored in mobile so how to acess this file in mobile for sending

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    Re: accesing files in J2ME

    Hi danishsk,

    "...how 2 use JSR 75 in j2me if there is any code then plz provide me"

    Here are some good docs and examples:

    Getting Started with the FileConnection APIs

    MIDP: FileConnection API Developer's Guide (with Example) v2.0


    Also, check this great blog post by Gopal

    FileConnection - Introduction to beginners

    Juarez Alvares Barbosa Junior - Brazil

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