hello if i am in the wrong forum will someone reading this kindly inform me or cutpaste this to the appropriate one??

my suggestion is regarding "Contacts"- where nokia permits us to store names

today we find the storage space has become massive and thousands of names can be stored. however retrieving them is another issue! so i submit that there be some methods to retrieve the names.

one option could be that we are allowed to search for clusters of alphabets within the names(developers will recall the 'LIKE" command)

another way would be to Link names. now i todays interconnected world we all would like to use this feature. let me explain with example. suppose i know someone in finland (hopefully ) - so when i file the name i follow the regular method of storing the name but before i am done a question pops up saying 'link with?' now i choose to link it with either a word(smart tag??) or with a name previously filed. once done the link message comes again and allows me to link my newly stored name to various links till i press no and then the name is stored. now after a year when i wish to retrieve the name i have probably forgotten the name but even if i remember that it was from finland and from nokia i may be able to find it! at the time of retrieval nokia will present me with options for searching in which i can mention these links and also the names can be sorted by link or alphabetically etc

thank you for reading me out. if i can be given feedaback at iamviveksri@gmail.com i will be grateful!!