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    SIM Uniq identification and Subcribers number[Own number]

    Hi! Everybody,
    I have connected my PC to the GSM Modem with data cable. Now I want to know the Unique Identification no. of SIM. Is there any command to get it? What is that?

    If there is a command to get the Unique SIM Identification no. then what is the relation between the Phone number of that SIM and SIM unique identification number.

    What is the use of ?AT+CNUM?? In AT-Help it says that it is used to get the subscriber number but it only says OK, why?
    AT+CIMI tells us the IMSI of SIM then how to get the Subscribers number from this.

    Grateful to any posting on this issue,



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    RE: SIM Uniq identification and Subcribers number[Own number]


    If the AT+CNUM command returns only a OK response, the phone number is not stored to your SIM card. (This is the behaviour in most of the cases). There is no other way to know the number.

    Your MSISDN bumber is bound to your IMSI number at HLR.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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