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    Thumbs down Carbide.ui S60 fp2 errors Nokia 6680

    I cannot correctly create a theme for nokia 6680 s60 fp2.
    I have started with both create theme for s60 fp2 and also base graphics,
    in each case sis is created as s60 fp2 prior to xfer to phone.

    1 Navi bar cannot be made transparent.
    idle and active screen bg's are two different colours say red and green.
    I can either have solid red or solid green or if made transparent-
    which shows both bg's correctly in carbide when transferred gives black bar on phone ie the mask. Solution quoted use the same background DUH!!!!.

    2 Caller popup
    I have edited all caller pop-up items to include a graphic, pngs, bmps, I have tried all variations. They show up correctly in carbide and in the theme temp files, but do not appear in the packaging output or in the mbm text files.
    On the phone you just get a white rectangle.
    I note these are indicated as fp3 onwards but how therefore do you edit base caller1 for s60 fp1. to be correct when entering a number
    conclusion carbide.ui rendered useless (pun intended ) for nokia 6680.

    Question what do I use to create themes??, ownskin successfully works for the above problems but does not allow full range of edits.
    Any additional information would be welcome, thank you.

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    Re: Carbide.ui S60 fp2 errors Nokia 6680

    Hi! In order to solve most of your problems, you may use both TS 1.14 and TS1.21 not Carbide.ui. They are more compatible with S60 2nd Edition FP2.

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