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    Mistake of update in n80

    hi, since I am driven to despair enough by something that it happens to me in my N80.
    It turns out that till now everything was OK on having installed themes to him, but this night I have created a theme with the carbide and on having installed it it puts his " mistake of update ".
    I do not understand it, that I know is a new theme that I have created and not this one installed.
    The case is that I it cannot install. This evening I pass equally with another different theme.
    I have been searching and do not find the solution.
    Has this happened to you? can i help myself?.
    sorry for my english. A greeting from spain and thanks.

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    Re: Mistake of update in n80

    I didn't have any problems with my N80 Check your date&time phone setting. Validation keys created in Carbide should be older than current time in your phone

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