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    Angry Bluetooth: L2CAP and HID Profile

    I'm trying to write a J2ME MIDlet for using my phone as a wireless
    mouse or simplified keyboard for a PC.

    In practice i'm trying to implement the Bluetooth HID Profile on top
    of JSR 82.

    I found the infamous JSR82 L2CAP obstacle: PSM can ony be in the range
    0x1001 - 0xFFFF.
    This leaves out the HID PSMs (0x11 for control channel and
    0x13 for interrupt channel).
    Only God knows the reason for this limitations :-(

    Apart of this i have a couple of questions:

    I create a ServiceRecord compliant with the HID profile (in fact the bluetooth
    stack on the PC recognizes the HID service).
    In the ServiceRecord i inserted the attributes for both the HID
    Contron channel (ProtocolDescriptorList, this attribute is inserted by
    JSR82 and cannot be modified) ed Interrupt channel (AdditionalProtocolDescriptorLists).

    So the questions are:

    - Is the Bluetooth stack in the phone listening on this 2 PSM channel i defined in the service record ?

    - The Bluetooth stack on the PC (i tried Widcomm and the native stack
    in Windows XP) uses SDP to identify the service.
    Why it continues to try to open L2CAP channel 0x11 and 0x13 when through
    the attributes in the ServiceRecord i told him to use different PSM ?
    Does anyone knows of a smarter bluetooth implementations ?

    Thanks a lot to anyone

    Giovanni Bonacini

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    Question Re: Bluetooth: L2CAP and HID Profile

    hi bongio67

    did your problem solved? after i create a service record with hid profile my pc recognize my mobile.but it donot connected now i discoverd my pc services my mobile don show hid services how can i solve this??
    thanx n regards

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    As I tried to explain previously, I am not aware of an solution (within Java/JSR-82) for this except you control the HID-Host (and write a application there), too.

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    Re: Bluetooth: L2CAP and HID Profile

    Hi guys,

    I have been developing this kind of program in Symbian not Java, but haven't been succesful yet. If you are interested I can share my code so that we could developed it together. As far as I know Symbian gives much better opportunities doing this.

    As for my knowledge of Java you can't develop HID application that listen for connections, you have develop application that connects to some HID host.


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    Re: Bluetooth: L2CAP and HID Profile

    Hi Jascco, i know this thread is too old but it would be great if u share ur knowledge. I'm hardly trying to develop HID for my 5800. At least pls give me some hints.

    My mail ID
    adhossain AT gmail.com

    Thanks in advance.

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