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    Question Question about Mulitiple EXEs in SIS

    In my application, there're 2 EXEs. One is Server and another is UI.

    An unprotected UID "0xA196EF12" is set to Server and another unprotected UID "0x03D80371" is set to UI.

    I use Carbide C++ to compile UI project first, then compile Server project. In Server project, the PKG file includes the UI EXE and all resource file it needs. It works fine.

    But to get the application Symbian Signed, I have to use protected UIDs which allocated from SymbianSigned website. 2 new UIDs replace the old ones, then same steps as before. It results the UI EXE can NOT start up! A "System Error!" note shows.

    Here's my PKG file, 0x200099DB is set to UI project and compiles first, then 0x200099DA is set to Server project. The SIS is already signed with DevCert as before.

    ; UID is the exe's UID
    ; the vendor names are required for EKA2 so uncomment
    ; these two lines for S60 3.0 and UIQ 3.x.
    ;Localised Vendor name
    ;Unique Vendor name
    ;Supports Series 60 v 3.0
    [0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}
    Can anybody show me how to solve this? Thanks!
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